Body wrapping

Patented aroma and compression therapy to stimulate the tissue of problem areas such as the stomach, waist, thighs, upper arms, hips and calves. 
It is used to support the skin’s appearance and shape in cases of cellulite and heal connective tissues. It is also used to support the prevention of venous congestion on the lower extremities.
Body wrapping is  the component of the Weyergans’s concept of the Differentiated Cellulite Therapy  (DCT) and is effectively used in the fight against cellulite.  Size reduction and detoxification is experienced after the first application. 

SPM®- suction pump massage

Suction pump massage SPM is a combination of cupping and massage. It is a holistically oriented, cosmetic treatment for the face and whole body. It is also suitable for applications in physiotherapy. In SPM a specific pre-selected negative pressure is conducted via connecting tubes into treatment pistols  which are then used to massage the customer. Different attachments are available for different areas of the body.

Depending on the intensity of the negative pressure and the massage technique, a targeted lymph drainage can be carried out with  SPM very simply, skin tissue regenerated, fat metabolism stimulated ideal for fatty deposits or jodhpur things or the tissue  firmed. Suction pump massage usually leads to immediately visible and noticeable results.

It is suitable for all customers who would like a fast, long lasting result.  With regard to facial and decollate care SPM is suitable not only for regeneration, anti -ageing, lifting  and wrinkle treatment but also for acne and rosacea.

Slide Styler ® Mechanical Lymph Drainage

Mechanical  lymph drainage  with  the original Slide Styler leads to the decongestion of metabolic  waste products  in cases   of cellulite and the decongestion of oedematous tissue swellings on the extremities. The aim of the treatment is to reduce girth and smooth skin, in addition the original Slide Styler offers the options of abdominal wall massage and small intensive toning according to F.X. Mayer (Mayer therapy ).

The overlapping air chambers of the sleeves are rhythmically filled with low pressure air producing a gentle ”gliding wave” effect that mechanically helps with lymphatic drainage. This produces an overwhelming feeling of relief for tired legs and provides a detoxing effect for the whole body. Post treatment you will feel lightness in the legs, a reduction in swelling and the burning sensation associated with lymphatic problems will diminish.

Mechanical lymph drainage is an important  component for all customers in the framework of a Differential Cellulite Treatment or care of the shape and figure. Slide Styler is also a high end treatment after lipolyses, ultrasounds or Rf applications. It can also be used in combination with metabolism therapies and supports detoxification in connection with your diet. It is particularly beneficial for customers with tired, swollen feet and legs or regeneration after sports activities.

The average duration of treatment  is 30-45 mins for both lymph drainage and abdominal wall massage. As a rule therapies of 6-10 sessions ( two treatments per week ) then maintenance  treatments once per month. 

Sono Handy

Ultrasound device for sonophoresis. The Sono Handy is a transdermal system for cosmic studios and medical beauty. It is used for sonophoresis, i.e infiltrating cosmetic or pharmaceutical preparations into the skin using ultrasound. With the Sono Handy from Weyergans even larger active substance molecules can be penetrated through the skin barriers into the tissue with 1,000,000 (1 mhz) light taps per second. 

In addition to the sonophoretic action the Sono Handy also has a massage effect, which arises deep down, in the skin or in the muscles due to the micro vibrations, which are produced with the oscillations. This micro massage improves circulation and lymph flow and can thus contribute to activation of cell metabolism and to increase pH value in the case of hyper acidic tissue.

In this way ultrasound treatments with Sono Handy also help to promote the elasticity of the tissue (collagen synthesis) for the same reason ultrasound has a positive influence on acne.
The treatments are suitable for all customers who are interested   in fast, immediately visible and long lasting results in connection with anti -ageing and the regeneration of face, neck and décolleté.

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