High care® cosmetics are holistic! Our unique institute and home treatments, cosmetic products and nutritional supplements are comprisingly build upon each other. Thus, all single parts of high care® cosmetics face and body care complement each other in an unreached and effective way.

Cleansing balm

Intensive cleaning. 
For those who prefer quick and thorough cleaning. 
3 in 1: cleansing, toning and removing makeup. 
Algae extract cleans the skin from dirt and toxins. 
Citric acid regulates the level of hydrogen pH. 
For use every day in the morning and evening. 
Note: For use on skin prone to acne or in dry skin as a shower gel.

Body peeling

Essential Ingredients
Natural Proteins Extract Chamomile, Alattoin, Soyabean Butter.

BODY PEELING is ideal for any type of skin, even for very sensitive skin. BODY PEELING contains small particles that remove the upper layer of the horny skin. Ingredients included in the preparation soy oil and allantoin moisturize the skin. Natural proteins help to restore the protective layer of the skin. BODY PEELING prevents clamping. Chamomile has a soothing effect. Regular application of the BODY PEELING product protects the skin from dryness. Regular removal of keratinization from the surface of the skin helps in the future better penetration of other skin care products.

Skin cleansing should be done regularly once a week. BODY PEELING is easy to apply when you take a shower, rub the BODY PEELING with a damp skin, then wash it in the shower.

Extra skin protection from WEYERGANS High Care Cosmetics: 
BODY PEELING is ideal as a skin care aid. Substances that include moisturizing the skin. In most cases, the chest and thigh require the use of special preparations that are presented by WEYERGANS High Care Cosmetics.

Styler cream

Styler cream  250ml  /1000 ml  


For  the  treatment of the arms, massage  the styler cream  form the wrists  into the armpits  with gentle pressure. It should be  spread  to the upper edge of the breasts, over the underlying  lymph  nodes and massage  in, always in the direction  of the heart.The bust and things usually  need special  treatment  and a wide range of suitable   products  is available  from  Weyergans  High Care AG.  Relax balm  is ideal for stimulation of Lymph  circulation in the summer, on holiday or hot temperatures.

Ingredients  : Extracts from Arnica ,VY,  Marigold, Comfrey ,Azulen, Tocopherol (vitamanin E) Propylene glycol  
Properties: STYLER CREAM is for special  use of the differentiated  cellulite  treatment of Weyergans  High Care.  Styler Creme  is a product  for home  treatments  and in the studio. It is used for the general improvement of skin  appearance and  in the case of cellulite.  The extract  contained  in Styler Creme contributes towards stimulation of lymph   circulation .  It is used to prevent  the development   of cellulite  or to reduce already existing  cellulite .
Direction:Styler creme can be used  on the whole body. It is absorbed very quickly  and leaves  no traces  on the skin.  STYLER CREAM should be used daily  in the mornings after physical  exercise .It is massaged  in with circular movements  and gently pressure, from the ankles upwards into groin . 

Cinnamon cream

Special product for combined cosmetic compression treatment: CINNAMON CREAM is for special use within the differentiated cellulite treatment of Weyergans High Care Cosmetics. CINNAMON CREAM is a special product for use at home or in the institute and is used to generally improve the appearance of the skin where cellulite occurs. The extracts and oils contained in CINNAMON CREAM are well-known for their purifying properties. The skin tissue looks smoother and finer after being treated with CINNAMON CREAM.


CINNAMON CREAM is for special use within the differentiated cellulite treatmentAdditional care with Weyergans High Care Cosmetics products. The whole range of products for differentiated cellulite treatment starts with weekly BODY PEELING. ALPHA MOUSSE, >>AE<<-STICK and STYLER CREME are also used for regular body care in the case of cellulite. Weyergans High Care Cosmetics offers a wide range of special preparations for the treatment of cellulite and general body care.
Directions: CINNAMON CREAM should be applied to the target zone after the skin has been cleansed. Due to the high content of ethereal oils the hands should be washed thoroughly after using CINNAMON CREAM to avoid contact with the eyes. The skin may redden after application. This reddening is normal and a sign of the action of the ethereal oils in the tissue. CINNAMON CREAM should remain on the skin for 20 minutes during which time it is necessary to be physically active. CINNAMON CREAM is offered as a special treatment in institutes, where a special method with BODY WRAPPING is used to optimize the treatment.
Note. The algae are dried freshwater algae which are free from pollutants: brown algae, bladder algae, laminaria digitata, fucus vesiculosus, escenedesmus.

Styler tea

Styler tea-the combination of four ingredients (green tea, mate tea, lapacho, rooibos tea) is paticulary well-balanced. It had been specially developed to support the patented differentiated cellulite therapy and has the effect of purging, drainage and subcutaneous fat tissue. Through this increases the interstitial pH-value. This encourages as well the enzymatical collagen synthesis as the face-lift. 

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