Holistic approach

​We adopt extraordinary courses and  use our extensive knowledge in order to support  you on your way  to a healthy  and beautiful body. For more than Care. High Care. 

Experience you can trust

For more than 30 years, Weyergans has been developing unique products and innovative, often patented cosmetic and medical  applications.  Weyergans has ​reputable research partners such as the German Society of Aerospace Medicine and many more.

Cutting-Edge innovations 

Their research is always a step ahead. With development at  NASA,  Weyergans group has been the pioneer in Differential Cellulite treatment (DCT ®), which is recognised around the world. 

Weyergans® technology has strong medical roots. The intermittent pressure technology was used to help astronauts to recover from being in weightless environments for prolonged periods of time, which caused circulatory and lymphatic problems as well as other negative health outcomes.

Following successful treatment outcomes, since then Weyergans technology has expanded to physical rehabilitation and cosmetic purposes. Methods such as Different Cellulite therapy, prophylaxis of circulatory disease, use of active oxygen ions and variable pressure are patented and recognised in the entire world and represented in licensed health and beauty care institutes.

Therefore HIGH CARE® NEW AGE represents more than body care. It signifies quality, evidence, responsibility and the latest cosmetic and medical insights.