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High Care® New Age uses advanced Weyergans® Weyergans offers more than just beauty care it offers healthcare too.  

We are committed to help you look and feel your personal best by providing the highest level of medical grade cosmetic procedures. Each of our services is carefully designed to fit your unique needs, and our highly experienced staff is ready to support you every step of the way. 

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Body Wrapping

Body Wrapping is used for common problem zones: stomach, waist, thighs, upper arms, hips and calves. The aim of the treatment is activation of  fat metabolism,  circulation and the lymph circulation, as well as reduction in size and lasting detoxification of the body.

Sono Handy

With its transdermal system, the Sono Handy enables sonophoresis – the channeling in of cosmetic substances into the skin. Even larger molecules can be transported through skin barriers with more than 1.000.000 taps per minute. It can be used on the face to treat lines and wrinkles,  as well as body for rehabilitation and pain management. 


The suction pump massage, in short SPM®, is a traditional, safe and proven treatment method. It is a combination of relaxing massage and cupping. By means of low pressure, skin tissue including subcutaneous fat tissue is sucked in so that even deeper skin layers can be reached and influenced through the penetrating effects. It is proven to combat cellulite, increase lymphatic drainage, promote regeneration and  skin tightening.  

Slide Styler@ Mechanical lymphatic drainage treatment- Bournemouth

​Due to that, the Slide Styler® is often titled as a 'benefit for the legs’ – not merely since a well functioning mechanical lymphatic drainage treatment is essential for the well-being of our skin. Ideally, the lymphatic drainage shall induce a balance of water quantity inside of tissue as well as lymphatic activity.

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over 30 years of


We have the know-how you need.

I am in my 50s and  have been using  Weyergans treatments for 3 years. I can honestly say that I  feel like I am in my 30s. My friends say that I look it too. High Care New age has the latest knowlege of Weyergans devices and provide superior treatments. I am a client for life!